Congrats Renee (FOX) our GCGA Champ
Our Champ Renee along with runner-up Mary Beth (LL)
Karen (QH) and Cheryl (OB)
Theresa (ASH) and Janine (QH)
Mary Ann (OB) and Patti (WSF)
Lookin good Barb! (QH)
Eileen (QH) and Jan (RT)
Chris (OB) and Laurie (ASH)
Joan (STW) and Joan (RT)
Angie (WAL) and Ginny (STW)
Arlene (MED) and Laura (WAL)
Carol (OB) and Connie (WSF)
The M & M Gals are going on tour next month!
Good voice Mary Anne (WAL)
Just what is Mary Ann doing?

The Greater Cleveland Golf Association is a not for profit organization formed in 1956 by the women's leagues of area golf clubs. Its purpose is to promote and foster the true spirit of the game of golf. The Association stimulates interest and cooperation between the member clubs by holding interclub matches and tournaments.

Membership is open to any women's associations of regularly organized private social clubs, having the right to the use of a private or semi-private golf course, that agrees to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.