Rules & Bylaws

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Each club may enter one team of six players. The best FOUR of the six scores is used for the team score.  It is possible to field a team with 4 players and all scores used.  To ensure fair play, the Team Captain must choose those golfers with the lowest handicap indexes, who have twenty or more current scores from the previous year and an established handicap. Each player must be member of GCGA. The maximum handicap for a team member is 30.  Any player with a higher handicap must play to a 30 handicap.  The team captain is also responsible for the accuracy of the scorecards for her entire team.  Disciplinary action will be taken by the Board for any failure to abide by these rules.  USGA Rules govern all play.  The District Team Captain will make all pairings and has responsibility for all decisions regarding rules and play.  The method of scoring for 2024 will be Stableford Point System.  Please contact the District Team Captain, Eileen Nelson, 216-780-4044 and email at should you have any questions about team play.